Bill Goldberg

Bill Goldberg

It’s Wrestlemania weekend. The Grand Daddy of Them All. The Ultimate Thrill Ride. In the main event, defending the WWE Title, is 50 year old Bill Goldberg. Back in the 90’s, Goldberg was a sensation in the world of wrestling. He came in and he just didn’t lose; putting together a ridiculous winning streak that took him all the way to the top of the now defunct WCW, after a brief stay in the WWE from 2003 to 2005.

After 11 years out of the wrestling spotlight, Goldberg made a triumphant return last fall. But how, at 50 years of age, does Goldberg maintain his incredible physique and physical prowess?

First and foremost, he has gone on record saying that fitness is the most important thing in his life, pointing out that he wants to be on this planet as long as possible and since he makes his living with his body, he needs to keep it in peek condition. He has gone so far as to say he is addicted training.

His approach is based on his natural feeling on any giving day, not going into the gym with a preset routine, but deciding on the day what body part feels like it needs to be trained.

As far as lifting style goes, Godlberg has said, “I don’t train as a bodybuilder, nor have I ever. I train more like a power lifter because I generate explosion. I do Olympic moves, snatches,  and major core moves, all in an hour. The longer you train, the more monotonous it gets, so you’ve got to shock your muscles and change it up.”

Goldberg is like anyone else, as we get older, we are more prone to injury and more likely to hurt ourselves here and there, especially when training. He, however, takes a slightly different approach to injury rehab, “A lot of people relax when they have an injury. I’ve been hurt so many times that when I abstain, it’s not only bad for me but the blood flow decreases. I also stretch a lot, because a longer muscle is a stronger muscle. And I kick box.”

As we’ve all heard a million times by now, your physique is made in the kitchen not the gym, and that’s another area where Goldberg puts the rest of the world to shame. It’s a high protein, low fat diet.

Goldberg,, told GQ that when getting back into full ring shape, he tried to, “eat as much as humanly possible and stay away from the fats. Carbs are my friend. As long as I don’t eat them late at night, I’m good. My metabolism is continually going right up until I sleep because I have to eat after I train. It’s a continual furnace. I burn it, I throw it back in. I’m trying to get in shape and accomplish gaining weight at the same time. It’s almost impossible.”

So what does he actually eat on a regular day ? “Well, the first breakfast I had today, I had six servings of oatmeal, 20 blueberries with a couple tablespoons of honey on it. Then I trained. Afterwards, I had twelve eggs with two yolks, six pieces of bacon, four pieces of gluten-free toast with avocado, then a shake. After that I had two gluten-free pizzas with loads and loads of hamburger meat for protein on top of it. Then another shake. My son and I are about to go to Muay Thai, but on the way we’re going to have some pho. Some soup and noodles, some shrimp. Afterwards, I’ll do some training at Muay Thai and on the way home we’ll get some pho again for dinner, because the wife hasn’t eaten it yet today. Then I’ll do the family thing, and then I’ll eat again. I don’t know what I’ll have this evening. Probably… I don’t know. I do this meal service called Regiment Meals, and they’ve helped me out tremendously because one of the biggest issues is food preparation.”

Even Before he made the decision to come back to the world of wrestling, Goldberg had maintained his fantastic shape. And has some rules he tries to follow that could help all of us.

  1. I try to drink as much water as humanly possible each and every day. A gallon to a gallon-and-a-half of water.
  2. Try not to eat past dark
  3. Don’t drink soft drinks. Period. End of story. Diet, any of that crap, none of it. Period. Don’t drink any of it.
  4. Understand that 75 percent of what you look like is predicated by what you put in your mouth. At the end of the day, do it for yourself, do it for the people you love, and you’ll feel a hell of a lot better each morning when you wake up.
  5. Being sedentary is the killer of humanity

What advice does Goldberg have for guys in the 40’s who want to train hard?

“Realize that you’re not gonna be able to throw up the heavy weight or recuperate as fast. So be smart about it and find ways to overcome.”

Wrestlemania is available on the WWE network, so tune in and watch as Goldberg wrestles what may be his very last match in the Main Event.

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