Five Pieces of Rogue Fitness Equipment That Should be in Your Home Gym

Five Pieces of Rogue Fitness Equipment That Should be in Your Home Gym
  1. Setting Up Your Home Gym
  2. Features of a Good Home Gym
  3. Best Home Gym Rogue Equipment

More and more people are moving their gym workouts home to save money and stay healthy. What makes a good home gym and where should you start? Check out these tips on creating a great workout space in whatever space you’ve got.

These days, it doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete, work a desk job, are a student, or are retired, everyone is trying to keep in shape, save money, and stay healthy all at the same time. Working out at home has become more important than ever before. Shopping for workout equipment for home is on the top of many people’s list of priorities.

Setting up your home gym can save you from expensive monthly gym membership payments and pricey exercise classes.  Before long, the savings will have more than paid for the cost of owning your own fitness equipment.

Not only can you save money, you can customize your setup to suit your personal fitness goals and abilities. When you have the equipment for CrossFit and your favorite workout routines ready to go at home, you can work out when it’s convenient for you in a space that you know is clean and healthy. Buying from a company like Rogue Fitness is a good way to get a great selection of quality CrossFit equipment for your home.

Setting Up Your Home Gym

Everyone’s home gym setup is completely unique depending on their fitness needs as well as the physical space they have in their homes. If you’re lucky enough to have a large area dedicated to working out, you’ll be able to choose any Rogue CrossFit equipment for sale that suits you. Organize your space in a way that flows for your exercise routine and your workouts will be more efficient.

Like many of us though, space may be at a premium in our homes. Choose Rogue fitness equipment that can easily be stored in the space available. Repurposing space in your home as an exercise area works well as long as it is easy and accessible. Your fitness equipment should be stored out of the way when not in use, but still easily accessible when you want it. For example, if your workout space doubles as your bedroom, tucking your Rogue fitness equipment under the bed and in a dedicated dresser drawer makes it easy to use and keeps it out of the way when not in use. If your equipment becomes a hassle to get out for a workout or is in the way during your daily routines, maintaining your home workout routine will become more of a challenge.

When you’re setting up your equipment for a CrossFit gym at home, make sure to plan it out before committing to it. Measure your space to ensure you have plenty of room to move in even after it is all stocked up.

Features of a Good Home Gym

The perfect home gym looks different for each person. Some might love a Zen atmosphere filled with the best yoga accessories. Others may dream of a gym stocked with CrossFit equipment for home. Whatever your fitness ideals are, there are a few key items to include in your setup.

Everyone needs a yoga mat. Even if yoga is the last thing you want to add to your fitness routine, a yoga mat is a great piece of equipment for a home gym. Use it to transform any floor into a surface suitable for stretches, planks, sit-ups, and push-ups.

Small, storable, and portable pieces make the perfect workout equipment for home. Resistance bands, door straps, and a chin-up bar can mimic big gym equipment in a smaller space. Once you’re finished with these small but effective pieces, they can easily be stored out of the way until next time.

Make sure you equip your home gym with ample storage space so it stays tidy. An organized space will give you a safe and inviting place to work out.

Best Home Gym Rogue Equipment

Partnering with a company like Rogue for fitness equipment makes setting up your home gym simple. Check out these five pieces for your own home gym:

1) Rogue Echo Bike – This fan bike is both sturdy (it has a 350 lb weight limit) and easy to move when not in use. It has a quiet and smooth ride, perfect for use at home. The LCD console allows you to track a variety of data including distance, intervals, and heart rate.

2) Rogue Echo Resistance Bands paired with a Rogue Door Strap – Echo Resistance Bands come in eight different colour-coded resistance levels. They can be used on their own or paired with a Rogue Door Strap for even more versatility.

3) Rogue Medicine Ball – These medicine balls come in 11 weight increments from 4 lbs to 30 lbs. They’re all 14” in diameter and manufactured for high speed, high intensity training. These medicine balls are extremely durable with reinforced, double-stitching and are backed with a two-year warranty.

4) Rogue Resin Plyo Box – These jump boxes, made from recycled plastic, come in four heights, from 12” to 24,” and are easily stackable to save space when not in use. The tops are textured for superior traction and safety.

No matter what your fitness level is or where your goals are taking you, setting up your own home gym is the perfect way to keep yourself moving forward. Save yourself the monthly bill of a gym membership and invest in your own home gym. Your CrossFit used equipment will be going strong for years to come. Invest in some key pieces to start with, organize your space and start working out on your own schedule.

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