How to Perform Bodyweight Squats

How to Perform Bodyweight Squats

Bodyweight squats are a staple for a lot of workout routines. They allow you to get your form down pat before you add on more weight or an effective workout on their own.  Adam Steer, a.k.a “The Bodyweight Coach”, is here to go though some crucial cues that are going to help ensure that you are performing your bodyweight squat safely and effectively!


Bodyweight Squats - Ultimate Bodyweight Exercise For Legs

Here are the areas you need to look at and how to properly utilize them for this movement:


The first thing you are going to want to do is line yourself up in a nice, straight stance; stretching your head up and lengthening your back out. Stretching your head up is going to help tighten up your core a bit more, which is crucial for performing this movement.


Your feet should be about shoulder width apart. You can let your toes point about 15 degrees outwards. Keep it mind, your knees must follow the direction of your toes. If your toes are pointed out a bit, just make sure that as you start squatting, your knees follow the direction your big toes are pointing.


Before you start bending your knees, you are going to want to break at the hips. Drive your hips back first, and then start dropping your butt back and down as you bend your knees. In a squat, you are thinking from the hips and the butt, not from the knees.

Back and butt

Another thing to notice in the bodyweight squat is, as your butt drops down and back, you want to keep your back stretched and straight. You have to ensure your back does NOT round- stop at a point where you are still able to keep your back straight. Do not worry if you are not squatting “ass to grass” right away. Your range of motion depends on your flexibility and technique- the more you exercise a movement, the more you can increase your range of motion.

When you hit the bottom, you want to press through your heels to bring yourself back up. Exhale and think about pulling your butt up and out of that pull.


Another thing to look at is hand placement. You can coordinate them with the movement; bringing them up and forward as you drop down and back. This will help counter balance the movements.


Squats work wonders for your quads and glutes. Whether you are new to them or can squat a ton of weight, bodyweight squats are a great movement to incorporate into your workout regime!


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