How to Set Yourself Up for Health Success

How to Set Yourself Up for Health Success

When it comes to fitness, like anything, setting yourself up for success is critical. That is exactly what Kathleen Trotter discusses in the first chapter of her book, Finding Your Fit.

“Adopting a healthier lifestyle isn’t a passive process. Improved health doesn’t just happen.”

Kathleen is an extremely disciplined individual, but she admits, she hasn’t always been that way. Finding and adopting a healthy lifestyle didn’t come easy and the journey was anything but short. Adopting a healthy lifestyle doesn’t just magically happen; you have to take initiative and put yourself in control of what you do to help or hinder your health success.

Kathleen adheres to seven strategies that will set you up for health success. These steps will allow you to understand the dedication that goes into adopting a healthier lifestyle and what you need to do to keep up the momentum.


Kathleen’s Seven Strategies to Set Yourself Up for Health Success

  1. Stop aspiring to health and training perfection. Perfection is not possible and aiming for perfection will only set you up for failure. Have big but realistic goals that you can and will achieve!
  2. Remember the 2 C’s: Convenience and consistently. These go hand in hand. If an aspect of your workout lack convenience, you are less inclined to be consistent. For example, if your gym is a 30 minute drive and you are constantly stuck in traffic on route, you may find yourself skipping days to avoid this dilemma. Ensure what you are doing is convenient for you and your consistency will shine!
  3. Work towards finding your exercise “bliss”. Training should not be a chore, it should be something you look forward to. If you constantly find yourself dreading your training routine or your trip to the gym, you may want to make some adjustments. The more involved you are in your workouts mentally, the better you will perform.
  4. Figure out your WHY. Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to increase muscle mass? Why is it important for you to hit the gym 5 days a week? Why do you need to make changes? Find the emotional reason you want to move.
  5. Flip your negative thoughts around. Turn “I don’t want to train” into “I am so lucky that I get to train.”
  6. Find your inner athlete. Be proud of what your body is capable of doing. Whether you can squat heavy, sprint fast, or hold your balance on one leg for a long period of time; find something you can do that brings out your inner athlete!
  7. Mindfulness + Preparation = Success. Become mindful of your particular health pitfalls so you can prepare solutions in advance.


Kathleen’s seven steps to health success are just the tip of the iceberg. She has plenty of useful advice, tips, and motivation to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Like Kathleen, many fitness connoisseurs and athletes have once been in the position of actively making unhealthy choices, but they to have managed to change their lives around; not only benefiting them, but benefiting others. Vinson Smith and and Jay Arzadon share similar stories and views. Fitness is an integral part of their lives and they have worked hard to motivate themselves to make smart and conscious decisions.

“I think that it’s most important to keep in mind that it’s a process, it’s an absolute process. From start to finish, it’s going to take work. It’s going to take time and the most dangerous thing is, the results you want don’t come overnight.” – Vinson Smith

“In reality, fitness doesn’t have a finish line. You are continuously going to try to keep improving. Fitness is more of a journey than a destination. It’s a lifestyle rather than a program that you do for a short amount of time and then keep the results forever.

You should take the time to really asses your lifestyle and your values. If fitness and health are not valued in the top 3, then get it there. Make the investment and it will pay off because nothing is better than the gift of health.” – Jay Arzadon



Kathleen Trotter’s, Finding Your Fit, is certainly a must read for all fitness enthusiasts and those looking to make a beneficial change in their lives.

It is available on her website and at your local, Indigo. I, myself, have a copy and it is well worth the read no matter what fitness level you are at. 🙂





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