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Jason Spilberg




Jason is a Holistic Nutritionist who used his own desire to find a more natural path to health to create a brand new profession for himself as a Holistic Nutritionist. The owner of Nutrition inspired strives to inspire people to live a healthier life. Through interactive workshops, individual sessions and gatherings he will help you to discover and grow the tools you need in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle. He tailors his approach differently to each and every client and always goes out of his way to help them achieve their goals.

How Did You Get Started in Fitness?

Jason had a long a journey to health which started with his families textile business.  He was experiencing a lot of pain in his lower back. He had surgery to correct Degenerative Spondylosis. Jason underwent 4 surgeries within an 8 year span until finally he said enough is enough and started his journey to functional fitness.  His 2 main tools for recovery were Yoga and hanging by gravity boots.

Yoga helped strengthen the mind-body connection which was crucial to his recovery.

His journey to health became Jason’s career 3 years ago. He started doing a lot of research and then received what he refers to as “the call that changed his life”. This call came from his uncle, who was about 20 year older and worked in the same business. He painted a picture of Jason’s future that he didn’t like.

So he decided to make a change and enrolled in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Jason graduated with a 89.8% average and became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and is now known as “The Local Health Nut” or “Jason Spilberg Nutrition Inspired”

What Adversity Have You Encountered as a Fitness Enthusiast?

The back pain mentioned above was controlling Jason’s life. He couldn’t golf or ski, which were two activities he greatly enjoyed.  Now he is able to once again enjoy those sports and then some.  In addition to his rigorous workout schedule detailed below Jason is an avid Canoer and Hiker.

What Does Your Typical Workout Week Look Like?

Jason works out every day because, as he puts it  “Humans were meant to move”. He does 20-40 minutes of Yoga in an empty studio in his gym every single morning.  During this yoga he does a body scan and based on that scan decides what he wants to work on.

He is a also big fan of the TRX ropes and usually puts in 30 Minutes on them.  Jason favours functional exercises that incorporate the whole body versus more traditional barbell and dumbbell exercises.

What Is Your Advice To People Wanting To Avoid Injury, Especially Back Injuries?

“Build your core, focusing on your lats and abs. This will help relieve and prevent a lot of strain on the back.”

What Is Your Take On Nutrition?

“Let me start by saying –  No two people in the world should follow the same diet precisely. “

Jason continues “General rules are to incorporate lots of anti-inflammatory foods like Garlic, Turmeric and green leafy vegetables.” Adding that you should avoid “refined flours and sugars and pasteurized, nonfat dairy products.”

Jason also points out that a lot of inflammatory ingredients are added to modern day dairy products. “They are over processed,  over filtered and offer very little nutritional value.”

Jason’s Top 3 Chemicals That You Must Not Eat

  • Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose
  • MSG in all its forms
  • Food colouring

Products That Everyone Should Be Incorporating In Their Diet

  • Chia Seed (I’m also a huge fan of Chia seeds – just sayin :))
  • Unpasteurized local honey
  • A high quality fish oil

What is your #1 Fitness Tip?
“Don’t overwhelm yourself with a program.  Just go in and have fun – As long as you’re moving you’re grooving.”

Lorne’s Take:   I really like Jason’s take on the importance of movement and offers some great suggestions on foods to consume and avoid


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