Kelvin King Jr.

Kelvin King Jr.

Kelvin King, Jr is the owner of Creative Athletic Movements, and serves as a High School Strength and Conditioning coach and consultant. Kelvin is a highly sought after strength and conditioning expert and writer who works with athletes in the Washington, DC area. Kelvin is a frequent contributor to TNATION, STACK, NSCA PT Quarterly and Men’s Fitness.

What types of sports did you participate in as a kid?

As a kid, I played football, baseball, and vasketball. I loved football, but found my passion in baseball, playing varsity all four years of high school. I then went on to play Babe Ruth league for a couple of years.

What are your top 3 fitness tips for the post 45 athlete?

  • Do advanced variations of the dead bug. The dead bug is one of those go to exercises when one is looking to control the spin, hit the core, and avoid crunches. As of lately, the dead bug has covered new ground and its implications on life and performance have reached new depths. If you are looking to fix your posture and work that core, I would highly recommend the dead bug. Here is a thorough break down of the move as well as some variations!
  • Use the sled/prowler. The sled allows for post 45 athletes to maintain and gain adequate strength all whilst performaingexercises unilaterally. Sled training allows the athletes to use safer movements and restore power without doing box jumps. Additionally, sled training allows the athletes to be able to handle specific load transfers that are experienced throughout one’s daily routine or life. For example, carying bags, running to catch a train or a bus, or playing a pickup game of basketball or baseball.
  • Sprint. For the post 45 athlere, after an adequate medical screening and clearance, sprinting in conjunction with sled training is important because it builds confidence and leg power; “lower limb explosiveness”, which is an important factor that can prevent falls.

What adversity have you had to overcome as an athlete and as a trainer?

The adversity I have had to overcome as a trainer in today’s age of social media was not having my exercises and/or programs accepted by some of the so-called “gurus” in the field. I have come to find people are intimidated when someone new comes on the scene and challenges was they have preached as the standard. I have become confident in my own skill set and implementation of exercises knowing they are helping people and will continue to help people. I want to thank Dan John, Nick Tumminello, and Joel Seedman for their encouragement and leadership in correlation to my success in this field.

For the advanced post 45 athelete who has plateaued, what advice would you give to them to take things to the next level?

Change up your program everything three weeks and add one new exercise that you have never tried before. If you are able to, take chances and try new exercises.

What is one injury prevention tip of yours?

Do advanced variations of the dead bug.

What 3 supplements provide the most bang for your buck for the post 45 atheletes looking to maximize their performance in the gym?

I do not take many supplements so I cannot advise on any.

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