Plate Swings

Plate Swings

The kettle bell swing is certainly an amazing exercise that helps you regain posture and works a plethora of muscles simultaneously- hips, glutes, hamstrings, and shoulders to name a few! This movement aids in developing strength, power, and balance. With that being said, why wouldn’t you want to incorporate this into your workout regime?

Although, the real question is: how can you intensify this movement and get the most out of it?

Dr. Joel Seedman uses a great alternative to kettle bell swings- plate swings! They are an excellent movement for correcting swing and hinging techniques.

To perform a plate swing, all you need is an iron style plate (or some type of plate that has access to handles for you to grab onto) and a ton of energy (you’ll need it for this, trust me!)



What makes plate swings a great alternative to kettle bell swings?

  • A lot of facilities still do not have kettle bells or access to kettle bells, where are plates are available at pretty much every gym/training facility.
  • The width of the plate helps clean up some technique issues that most people have with their swings. A lot of people do not open up their hips and knees enough. Wide a wider plate, it teaches us to really spread the knees and open the hips up , which is ideal for any type of swinging movement.
  • The height of the plate also helps clean up technique. A greater height teaches you to drive the plate back rather than down.
  • Plate swings are a a great way to condition the body to perform proper swing and hinge techniques.

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