Proper Push-up Alignment Checklist

Proper Push-up Alignment Checklist


Push-ups are a staple exercise that are part of so many routines. The best part about push-ups is that they require no equipment- they can be done anywhere at any time! They also work several muscles in the body and prove extremely effective if done properly.

Not sure if your push-ups are up to par? Check out this alignment checklist from Joel Seedman. He provides detailed instructions about each part of the body involved in a push up. Follow this checklist and your push-up game will surely improve (so will your gains!).




Dr. Joel Seedman is a personal trainer, strength and performance coach, nutrition counselor, and owner of Advanced Human Performance. Dr. Seedman takes a unique approach to aiding his clients in, not only achieving their desired goals, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He certainly has an impressive resume, possessing a Ph.D, a M.S. and a B.S, as well as a plethora of certifications. If you want to learn more about Dr. Joel Seedman, check out his full bio here!

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Dr. Joel Seedman is a regular contributor to FitAfter45 and has graced us with several how-to’s and tips for various exercises.

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