Rob Glick

Rob Glick

Rob Glick is an incredibly accomplished personal trainer and Fitness DVD superstar. He is currently the Senior director of Group Fitness fitness, yoga and indoor cycle at Lifetime Fitness, a Master Trainer at Total Gym and Fitness Professional at International Fitness Presenter. His DVD release’s include Power Body: Strength Training, Amazing Step Styles, Bosu Calorie Combustion and Bosu Cardio Fusion, to name very few. Among all of his specialties, BOSU is one area which he is a foremost expert.

When did your athletic career begin?

When I went to college in 1983 I thought I was going to be a pilot. In order to have money for school, I worked in a health club doing group fitness. People were asking me to train them, and I was apprehensive, because I knew how to train me, but I didn’t feel like I knew how to train them. My local college had a physical training program that was geared more towards physical therapy style programs.

I took the exercise specialist program so I could feel more comfortable training people, with every intention of still becoming a pilot.

Once I got into the program and started learning anatomy and physiology and how the body moves and works, I was immediately all in and I changed my degree into exercise planning with a focus on sports medicine, thinking that I could become a sports therapist with a minor in nutrition.  I graduated in 87 and have been involved in group fitness and training ever since.

How has working our impacted your life?

I would say that the elixir is movement and I’m not concerned how people move, only that they move, and If you because as long as your moving it’s going to keep you young, and when you stop moving, that’s when you age.  Doesn’t matter what your biological age is.

I never thought about it, cardio, dance, keeping steps, keeping conditioning it was just what I did. I was always thoughtful about what I ate, being thoughtful about how I ate, it gave me a whole life platform to be healthy on. Because I think it’s not a crazy diet, just consistent.

What Is your #1 fitness tip?

I would go back to what I said, find what you love, what moves you and do it consistently.

How often do you work out and generally how long are those work outs?

I still teach quite a bit, today I taught a class at Lifetime, a HIIT style class that’s quite challenging, and I taught a Vinyasa Class, and tonight I teach Cycle. I teach about 5 classes a week, as well as run the group indoor Cycle for Lifetime, and I try to get into and practice yoga regularly, because that’s what I love, I love yoga, and I cycle and I swim.

What nutrition tips do you have for people?

It’s so simple, that it will never sell a book – eat what you love, love what you eat, but always choose the healthiest thing that you can. Never feel like you are sacrificing. So when you sit down to eat, ask yourself, what are four things I love to eat and want to eat and then of those 4 things, choose the healthiest one. There’s no sacrifice, where you aren’t happy with what you’re going to eat or feeling like you have to eat something.

Be thoughtful. Be thoughtful of your serving sizes, thoughtful  of what you’re putting into your body. I don’t think people think about just how intimate a relationship food is. You are taking something from outside of yourself and inviting it into your body and the importance of that relationship, and being thoughtful about it can’t be undervalued. Asking, what am I going to bring into my body and how is that going to impact me holistically. So just being thoughtful but never getting on a diet that’s based on sacrifice because then, when they go off of it, they are just going to go back to it, and it will mean the diet didn’t work in the end.

Lorne’s Take – I first bought one of Rob’s training DVDs about 10 years ago so i was a thrilled that he agreed to be interviewed.  He is a legend in the fitness industry and makes a great point on the importance of movement.

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