Travis Kelce and Johnny Olsen Discuss The Impact Of Staying Injury-Free

Travis Kelce and Johnny Olsen Discuss The Impact Of Staying Injury-Free
Travis Kelce has the most 1000 yard seasons of any tight end in NFL history.  A huge part of that is Travis’s ability to stay injury-free and that is a byproduct of his training regime. Travis in part credits Johnny and his team with “working his tail off every offseason”.
This begs the question: how exactly do you stay injury free at any age?
Here are some of Johnny Olsen’s — owner of Johnny O’s, South Florida’s Best Indoor and Outdoor Gym — best tips:
1) When incorporating advanced training strategies, proper form and adequate recovery are crucial. As Johnny emphasizes, “Listen To Your Body and Rest When Needed“. This will make you stronger and faster the next time you hit it.
2) Mind Muscle Connection – You have to put your full intensity and focus into each specific exercise you are working on at the time you are doing it. When you are doing a Lat Pulldown your mind should be telling the body that the arms are just an extension to the lats.”
3) Perfect the Warm-Up Process – Put some thought into designing a well-rounded warm-up routine that’s specific not only to the training day ahead, but to your specific weak links as a lifter.
4) Give Your Body The Fuel it Needs – There is no out-training a poor diet, no matter how hard you try. View food as fuel instead and give your body the nutrients it needs.
5) Fix Muscular Imbalances – Ensuring muscle balance between the upper and lower hemispheres, the front and back, and the right and left sides of the body, matters. Give the smaller muscles of the body the attention they need. And no skipping leg day 🙂

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