Philippa Cowie

Philippa Cowie is an energetic and experienced sales professional committed to helping Canadians, their families and their businesses protect their financial interests, now and for generations to come! How? By delivering the most effective life and living benefits insurance solutions in a way that removes the fear and stigma surrounding insurance.

She absolutely loves working with financial advisors and colleagues to develop and maintain their in-depth life and living benefits insurance knowledge. Together, she believes, we can give clients peace of mind that their advisor is well-versed in industry-leading information, concepts, and products to provide the best possible insurance solutions.

With over 17 years in the life and living benefits industry, she has extensive knowledge and experience in the realms of sales, life and living benefit claims, relationship management and leadership. To her, it all comes down to genuinely caring about all people. Strive for the best, plan for the worst, but always work hard, stay kind and be humble!