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Together, the mission and values statements provide direction for everything that happens on this Website. They will keep you focused on where this blog is going and what we are trying to achieve. And they define the core values of the blog and how you are expected to behave.


The Mission of the Fit After 45 blog is to provide and educate you with more information on topics related to fitness, nutrition, physical and mental health.


I am focused on the quality of the content I provide. I believe in honest, well-built content that gets you what you need quickly and correctly. I publish articles personally written by me as well as articles written by other experts in the field. I interview a series of fitness experts, people that I know and, like me, share a passion for fitness. I spend a lot of time creating each post, so I don’t put out new content every day and spam your newsfeed. This site is for you and I want to hear from you, so share any ideas or feedback you have! I recommend only the things I love and literally trust them. I create each article, recommendation, or tip with care, relying on expert opinion, research, and testing. I promise that when I recommend something, it’s because I’ve done the work and know it’s best. Advertisers, backroom deals, affiliate links – nothing will influence my own personal opinion.

My goal is always simple: find and explain the best recommendations on how to stay fit and take care of yourself. I may update posted content based on new information (like feedback or recalls) and when products change.

Advertisement Policy

Hopefully, you noticed a lack of the all-too-common obnoxious advertisements or paid “advertorial” guest posts found on many other prepper websites.

When you click a link and buy a product I recommend, I might make a referral commission. This is how I can bring you such great well-researched content for free and without spammy ads.

It doesn’t cost you anything and your prices are always the same. Merchants give referral (or “affiliate”) commissions all the time, you usually just don’t know about it. Most importantly, it will never affect what I recommend.

This blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

How you can support my work?

If we’ve earned it and you appreciate our work and our values, you can show your support in the next ways:

  • Tell your family and friends about this Website and information you’ve learned here;
  • Share our content (articles, reviews, videos, and more) with your family, friends, and whoever you know via social media. I would be grateful.
  • Buy the products I recommend by clicking on the provided links. By clicking on these links and buying within 24 hours, stores like Amazon know they should give us the credit.

If you do so, please know, I am grateful for you for any participation that contributes to this blog and community growth.

Why you can trust me and Fit After 45 Blog? 

I started this blog because I wanted this info about fitness, nutrition, and health, too – so if I’m going to do all the research and testing anyway, I may as well share it with you.

I have the experience, knowledge, network, and skills to find, test, and pick the best stuff for you. 

Me, my friends, and whoever interviewed for this blog, love fitness and care of ourselves, and, on average, each contributor to Fit After 45 has its own experience and expertise in the fields mentioned. I spend many hours personally doing all the researches and workouts. And my goal to spread this information and reviews to create a community of people who seeks and appreciate healthy living.

Contact information for complaints or concerns

If you have any questions regarding these conditions or your dealings with our website, please contact us here: lorne@fitafter45.ca

Information provided by you via general e-mail inquiries to us such as your e-mail address is used only to respond to your inquiries in the ordinary course of business and is never shared with third parties.