Carol Covino is a 58 years old women’s fitness expert who specializes in helping women over 40 lose weight, reshape their bodies.

Carol got her start in the fitness industry teaching group exercise and hot yoga classes. She created several unique class formats including targeted metabolic conditioning and hotroom bootcamp classes. She later opened her own exercise, yoga, and personal training studio. She is certified in personal training, weight loss, fitness nutrition, group exercise, and yoga.

For most of her life Carol was active hiking, skiing, and cycling. She was a regionally ranked runner at the age of 44 and held some of the fastest times in the southwest region. At the age of 50 she saw changes in her body she didn’t like. Although she was thin, she was losing muscle tone and felt flabby. This was when she discovered the power of nutrition with strength training. She changed her diet and grew serious about weight training. The changes were profound and soon women were asking her how she did it.

At the age of 52 she did her first bodybuilding competition and has gone on to do 12 competitions and has received 11 trophies. She plans on making her national bikini debut in October.

Carol became passionate about helping women reverse the negative effects of aging. This is still her focus almost nine years later and she has made it her life’s mission to inspire and educate other women about the life changing effects of health and fitness.

Today she owns her own online fitness coaching business and used her Targeted Metabolic Training Method and Flexible Freedom Dieting Strategy to achieve lasting results.

1. What type of sports did you participate in as a kid?

I’m currently 58 years old (one month away from 59). My interest in fitness began In high school where I ran cross country and did gymnastics. In my senior year I learned jazz and modern dance.

2. What injuries, if any, have you had to overcome as an athlete?

I was a regionally ranked competitive runner prior to bodybuilding. I broke my foot sprinting at the age of 49. This was what led me to first try weight lifting. As a competitor I’ve had to overcome autoimmune disease (RA) which damaged my joints. I ruptured two discs in my back and was told I would never lift or compete again. I’ve gone on to compete three more times with a fourth competition planned in October.

3. What does a typical week look like in terms of your workouts?

I lift 6 days per week: Hamstrings & Glutes; Shoulders; Glutes; Back; Shoulders & Arms; Legs & Glutes. I do 25 minutes of cardio  4 times per week and practice yoga.

4. Do you have any tips for getting to the gym on days you just don’t feel like working out?

Motivation comes from action. If we only went to the gym when we felt motivated we would be missing quite a few days. Take the action. Do that home workout or head to the gym. The motivation follows. People often have this backward. So they never reach their goals.

5.What are the top 3 supplements you would recommend for the post-45 athlete?

Collagen, Creatine, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

6.What is your #1 fitness tip?

Consistency is king. Obtaining results is really about repeating small sustainable habits on a daily basis.


Lorne’s Take – I really like Carol’s assertion “That motivation comes from action” and certainly looks like she is taking a lot of positive action.