Dr. Scott Schreiber  is the only certified rehabilitation specialist and Double certified Chiropractic Physician in the state of Delaware, and while many people claim to be passionate about what they do and helping others, they can’t hold a candle to Dr. Schreiber. He has dedicated his professional life to advancing the fields of nutrition, chiropractic and rehabilitation while also maintaining a very close one on one relationship with each and everyone of his patients; designing personal action plans to help them become their healthiest selves.

What made you get involved in sports nutrition?

My interest in nutrition began in high school while training for football.  I was amazed at how dietary changes can affect muscle growth and performance on the field.  From there, I was introduced to supplements for sports performance.  Back then, whey protein was just coming into the fold and creatine was not developed.

How large a role does nutrition play in athletic performance?

Nutrition is huge when it comes to athletic performance.  I find that it is the most neglected as well. “You are what you eat”, so how can you train efficiently and perform on the field when you are not feeding your body the correct nutrients?

What are some of the most common nutritional myths you see?

There are so many.  Everyone seems to know everything when it comes to nutrition.  Weight loss is not just simply calories in vs. calories out, especially as we age.  Dehydration is rampant among the average American.  The Standard American Diet is deficient in many nutrients, including vitamin D, magnesium, and omega three fatty acids.

Are the nutrition needs different for athletes over 45 than for younger athletes?

Yes, the older we get, the more our nutrient requirements change.

What are your top 3 supplement recommendations for athletes over 45?

My top three supplements include: a high quality multivitamin, vitamin D, omega three fatty acids, and a probiotic.  Supplements need to be high quality, professional brands.  These are third party tested and use high quality ingredients.  Over-the-counter supplements, like those bought in retail stores, are not high quality.

What is your #1 fitness tip?

Consistency is key, whether it be diet, exercise, or sleep.


Lorne’s Take – Dr. Schreiber has an interesting take on the importance of nutrition and it’s impact on athletic performance.  I also really liked his point on dehydration; its such a relatively easy thing to cure but seems to be a real challenge for people.