After decades of working as individual forces in fitness and functional movement (David) and wellness-based business development (Lisa), they founded The Akira Concept Inc. and coined the term “Wellness Intelligence”. They have fused their unique skill sets to create and champion Immersive Wellness Solutions … ones that work.
Their radically different approach to wellness is fuelled by their combined, experience-based wisdom, evidence-based concepts, methods, practices, and from working through the intense struggles that come with crusading for and supporting change within systems that need improvement and development.
Their beginnings may have been at opposite ends of the spectrum, but they seek and share a singular mission: To empower, to infuse hope, to believe in possibility, to spread love and joy, and to help everyone discover their Wellness Intelligence.
Lisa Borden and David Newton are self-declared Unconventional Idealists determined to make healthy futures possible for all. They believe in personal journeys and human potential and make wellness accessible, attainable, sustainable, and most importantly, successful.
You can read their story and learn more about their work at The Akira Concept.