35 Canadian Websites and Influencers

35 Canadian Websites and Influencers

When people think about Canada, they think about cold weather, moose, and all the maple syrup in the world! What a lot of people don’t know is that Canada is also home to an abundance of fitness experts and resources. Everything from fitness programs to recipes, you can find them from these wonderful Canadians!

I decided to create a list of the top Canadian influences and websites (in no particular order) to show the world just what we have to offer!

Please note that this list is not conclusive of all Canadian websites and influencers. If there is a site or a person you think should be added to this list, feel free to leave a comment!

About Moz Rankings: Moz rankings are based on the authority of a website. They are marked on a scale from 1 to 10; 10 having higher authority and influence. However, these ranking do not dictate the importance and knowledge behind the sites/influencer!

Training Programs/Online Training

Melanie Caines

Melanie Caines is a Certified Yoga Teacher and the owner/operator of Nova Yoga. She provides full online videos for viewers to follow along with. Her videos range from beginner to expert levels and help with everything from relaxation to improving strength and flexibility. If you want to immerse yourself in the yoga world or touch upon your existing knowledge, her website is the place to do so!

Moz: 3.95

Facebook (@melaniecainesyoga): 1,012 likes

Twitter (@MelCaines): 1,110 followers

Advanced Human Performance

Looking to challenge yourself with your workouts? Looking to try something new? Joel Seedman has you covered! His website is jammed packed with information and tutorials. Seriously, the amount of exercises on his website is insane! If you are tired of your old routine or find you just aren’t getting those results, one look at Joel’s workouts will have you motivated and ready to push yourself!

Moz: 4.45

Facebook (@AdvancedHumanPerformance): 9,178 likes

Twitter (@SeedmanJoel): 2,574 followers


Alicia Bell is a modern day superwoman. She is a Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer, Online Coach, Figure Athlete, Track & Field Coach, YouTuber, and Fitness Model (she really does it all). Similar to Joel, she shares an abundance of exercises that are anything but boring! Her training programs are sure to make your muscles work as hard as they can!

Moz: 5.39

Facebook (@TrainItRight): 2,250 likes

Twitter (@TrainItRight): 10.7k followers

Brent Bishop

Brent Bishop is a national on-air fitness expert, celebrity trainer, published author and brand ambassador for New Balance Canada. He is also the founder of Think Fitness Studios, performance-inspired conditioning centers in Toronto.

It’s safe to say Brent is a pretty busy guy, but he is never too busy to help others! His online training is sure to help those who lead just as busy a lifestyle as he does.

Moz: 4.77

Facebook (@iambrentbishop): 3,544 likes

Twitter (@I_AmBishop): 6,203 followers

Hynes Performance

Paul Hynes is also someone who understands just how busy life can be. We all want to go to the gym as much as possible, but let’s face it, it can be hard to find the time. Paul offers distant training tailored to your needs and goals. If you do have time to go in and visit him in person, he can also show you how to powerlift!

Moz: 4.54

Facebook (@HynesPerformance): 82 likes

Twitter (@Hynes_Paul): 130 followers

Jana Webb

Yoga is an integral part of an athletes routine. It helps with strength, flexibility, breathing, and so much more. Knowing that yoga is important for athletes, Janna created JOGA. Janna has inspired Olympic and professional athletes to see the importance of JOGA and they can’t get enough! It is certainly something to try!

Moz: 4.51

Facebook (@JogaWithJana): 3,488 likes

Twitter (@jogajana): 6,704 followers

Twist Performance

Twist Performance + Wellness isn’t your average fitness training, it’s so much more. Founder, Peter Twist, was able to bring together so many realms of health and fitness. Functional fitness, sports performance, holistic health, and rehabilitation are just some of the services offered!

Moz: 4.74

Facebook (@TwistPerformanceWellness) 5,052 likes

Twitter (@twistbur): 450 followers


Nutrition and Recipes

Leslie Beck

When it comes to nutrition, Leslie Beck certainly knows her stuff! Her website boasts varies recipes, diet and nutrition programs, diet facts, and so much more. She also specializes in nutrition consulting so if diet is something you find you are having trouble with, Leslie can surely help!

Moz: 5.55

Facebook (@LeslieBeckRD): 2,236 likes

Twitter (@LeslieBeckRD): 5,891 followers

Brendan Brazier

Brendan is the formulator and co-founder of Vega, bestselling author of the Thrive book series, creator, and host of the Thrive Forward web series, and editor in chief of Thrive magazine. Brendan is regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on plant-based performance nutrition, and therefore works with several NHL, NFL, MLB, UFC, and Olympic athletes. When it comes to plant-based nutrition, his knowledge is out of this world. On his website, he breaks down everything in great detail. If you are looking into a plant-based diet, he has the answers!

Moz: 5.31

Facebook (@brendanbrazier): 56.9k likes

Twitter: 31.5k followers

Julie Daniluk

Recipes galore! If you are looking to change things up in the kitchen, Julie Daniluk has you covered! She has a plethora of healthy recipes for you to try as well as cleanses and detoxes! It’s hard not to spend hours on her website browsing all the delicious food you can make.

Moz: 5.49

Facebook (@juliedaniluknutrition): 39k likes

Twitter (@JulieDaniluk): 19.5k followers

Evergreen Kitchen

Finding new recipes is great until you find out you need 50 different ingredients and 80% of them cost over ten dollars. Anguel and Bri know this all too well and they have a ton recipes and meal plans that will fill you up without breaking the bank!

Moz: n/a

Facebook (@evergreenkitchenblog):  1,953 likes

Twitter: n/a


Julie Pecarski is a nutrition and lifestyle consultant; she knows that there is a huge correlation between diet and emotional well-being. Julie gives you the tools (and recipes) to help you deal with burnout, stress, hormone imbalances, and more!

Moz: 4.58

Facebook (@juliepecarskinutrition): 38 likes

Twitter (@eatlifebalance): 937 followers

Oh She Glows

When you have dietary restrictions, it can be hard to find new recipes to try. More than often, you might be left making experimental substitutions in the recipes you find. Luckily, Angela Liddon is here to help. Her website is jam-packed with vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and processed food-free recipes. No need for risky substitutions with her recipes!

Moz: 6.24

Facebook (@ohsheglowsblog): 384k likes

Twitter (@ohsheglows): 82.4k followers

Simple Balance

Recipes, cookbooks, meal plans- Simple Balance has it all! Wendy McCallum, founder of Simple Balance, lets her knowledge shine through everything she puts out there. She provides a plethora of resources for those who want to incorporate healthy cooking into their everyday lives.

Moz: 4.88

Facebook (@SimpleBalance): 5,434 likes

Twitter (@simplebalanceNS): 734 followers




Karen Furneaux is a Canadian sprint kayaker who has been competing since 1988. Her blog takes us along her journey and gives us the keys and advice to go out there and strive to do the best we can do. She shares plenty of tips about training, diet, and lifestyle.

Moz: 4.48

Facebook (@ipromiseperformanceinc): 436 likes

Twitter (@ipromiseperform): 1,050 followers

Lisa Greenbaum

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again- yoga is extremely helpful! Not only does it help your body, it helps your mind. Lisa Greenbaum shares all of her yoga knowledge including how it can help you alleviate stress and anxiety.

Moz: 3.70

Facebook (@YFCanada): 4,521 likes

Twitter (@YogaFitCanada): 1,992 followers

Maureen Hagan

Maureen “Mo” Hagan is an International Health, Wellness, and Anti-Aging Expert. #1 Best Selling Author & Speaker. Canada’s Top 100 Fitness Influencer. Change Agent. Career Advisor. Her blog reflects all she does! She writes all about success, health, leadership, and wellness. If you are looking for some motivation, Maureen has you covered!

Moz: 3.27

Facebook (@mohaganofficial): 79 likes

Twitter (@mo_hagan): 691 followers

Kathleen Trotter

Kathleen Trotter is incredibly down to earth and understanding. She knows that not everyone can go out and join a gym and not everyone has time to do a full workout every day. Her blog is all about finding your fit in any way you can. She teaches ways to be active and live healthy, even if you aren’t at a gym every day. She also has a really good book where she dishes out all her knowledge!

Moz: 4.91

Facebook (@KathleenTrotter): 2,539 likes

Twitter (@KTrotterFitness): 1,298 followers

Canadian Fit Dad

What makes Canadian Fit Dad so great is that he has a first-hand understanding of living a healthy life style. He went through a major weight loss journey (which is documented on his blog) and he now shares the importance of being active and tips for those who are struggling to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Moz: 4.34

Facebook (@canadianfitdad): 2,577 likes

Twitter (@CanadianFitDad): 3,797 followers

Mercedes Bridle

In a world full of photoshop, good angles, and perfect lighting, Mercedes Bridle knows how to keep it real. She shares a powerful message, especially to those who struggle with self-esteem, and that is, things are not always what they appear. She shares recipes, insights, and documents her life behind the glitz and glamour. She started the #LetsGetReal movement to help everyone see the power and strength within them. FYI, my social media coordinator loves everything she stands for!

Moz: n/a

Facebook (@fit4za): 79 likes

Instagram (this is where she mainly posts – @fit4za): 21k followers

Smart Girls Sweat

Celine Tarrant, founder of Smart Girls Sweat, is all about empowerment! Smart Girls Sweat is a Toronto-based “sweatworking” (working out + networking) event series for professional women looking to be inspired, meet like-minded people, grow their networks, and maintain an active lifestyle. Networking and fitness, what’s better than that?

Moz: 3.79

Facebook (@smartgirlssweat): 326 likes

Twitter (@smartgirlssweat): 406 followers


Products, Supplements, and more!

Canadian Protein

Protein, protein, and did I mention, protein? Canadian protein has everything you need to go after those gains. And they are Canadian, so no need to worry about those outrageous shipping fees and that US to Canadian dollar conversion!

Moz: 5.06

Facebook (@CanadianProtein): 54.8k likes

Twitter (@CanadianProtein): 6,595 followers

Buda Juice

If you are looking for some delicious and nutritious cold-pressed juice, it’s worth checking out Buda Juice. They have amazing juices that help with things from detoxifying to cleansing. They even have plans to help you stay on track.

P.S. I brought some Buda Juice to my office and let’s just say, my employees couldn’t get enough of it!

Moz: 4.41

Facebook (@budajuicecanada): 615 likes

Twitter (@BudaJuice): 599 followers


Saving money and the environment whilst shopping- is it possible? With Flashfood it is! Flashfood allows shoppers to buy heavily discounted, surplus groceries and meals directly through their phones from participating grocery stores (currently Longo’s and Farm Boy). Not only will you save money but you’ll also be helping the environment!

Moz: 4.93

Facebook (@Flashfoodinc): 2,247 likes

Twitter (@Flashfoodinc): 2,931 followers

Supplements Canada

Great supplements at great prices- this is exactly what Supplements Canada offers. Whether you are looking for a stronger pre-workout or perhaps a new flavour of BCAAs, Supplements Canada has you covered and their prices are pretty great. Let’s be real, who doesn’t love saving money on supplements?]

Moz: 5.51

Facebook (@SupplementsCanada): 17.7k likes

Twitter (@SupplementsCND): 3,148 followers


Let’s face it, we all want to cook home healthy home cooked meals, but finding the time, energy, and resources to do so can be tough. MissFresh helps out with this exact problem. They carefully curate meals based on your dietary needs and send you all the ingredients (properly portioned) you need to make delicious and healthy home-cooked meals. Most of their recipes take under 30 minutes to make!

Moz: 4.43

Facebook (@missfresh): 30k likes

Twitter (@missfreshinc): 3,422 followers

Marc Lebert

Marc Lebert is the inventor of the Lebert Equalizer, the Lebert Buddy System, and the Lebert Stretch Strap, used by Personal Trainers, fitness clubs, gyms, schools and sports centres all over the world. His workout tools can be used anywhere, no gym required! Not only can you shop them online, he also gives tutorials and tips on how to utilize these tools and get the most out of them.

Moz: 5.27

Facebook (@lebertfitness): 12.3k likes

Twitter (@marclebert): 6,664 followers

Louis Stack

Louis J. Stack, Founder and President of Fitter International Inc. has been “Leading the World to Better Balance” since 1985. Louis likes to focus on ways to make your office job a little more active every day. He is also the exclusive Canadian deal for VARIDESK, which let me tell you, has been a lifesaver in my everyday life!

Moz: 3.88

Facebook: n/a

Twitter: n/a

News, Resources, and Medicine


Diet is a very important part of living a healthy lifestyle, but it can also be intimidating, especially when you’re making a lifestyle shift. Dietitians.ca is the place to go if you are looking for a dietitian. There are a ton of dietitians across Canada who can help you develop a healthy diet and get you on track to leading a healthier lifestyle!

Moz: 6.43

Facebook (@DietitiansCAN): 14.3k likes

Twitter (@DietitiansCAN): 10.8k followers

Best Health Magazine

If you are looking for a website that covers it all, look no further than Best Health Magazine! This site is packed with all things, health, fitness, diet, mental health, and so much more! If you want even more info, you can subscribe to the magazine itself, digital or paper copy.

Moz: 6.26

Facebook (@besthealth): 95.4k likes

Twitter (@besthealthmag): 177 followers


“It’s time for Canada to sit less and move more.” That is what PartipACTION is all about. ParticipACTION provides a plethora of research for those looking to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle. There are also programs, including some to help office workers find ways to be more active throughout the day.

Moz: 5.44

Facebook (@participACTION): 84.4k likes

Twitter (@participACTION): 29.8k followers

Impact Magazine

I’m just going to say it- magazines are back in! They manage to jam pack much information into their website and physical copies. Once you get onto Impact Magazine’s website, you will be there for hours! Everything from food to fitness to gear can be found right on their website.

Moz: 6.31

Facebook (@impactmag): 7,832 likes

Twitter (@IMPACTMAG): 5,631 followers


From TV to A-List Celebs

Harley Pasternack

Celebrities are constantly in the spotlight, so it’s no wonder why they want to stay in shape and look good. But whose behind their incredible physiques? No other than Harley Pasternack. Harley is a celeb trainer who was trained Ariana Grande, Usher, Kim Kardashian, and Orlando Bloom (just to name a few!). On his website, he shares knowledge and tips so you can train like an A-list celeb too!

Moz: 5.00

Facebook (@harleypasternack): 23.1k likes

Twitter (@harleypasternack): 74.4k followers


You probably read that with their little jungle in mind, and I can’t blame you, I do it too! BodyBreak was a short on television that explained the importance of being active and how to do so. This fun little series was led by Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod. Miss the show? Don’t worry, they are still gracing us with amazing content right on their website!

Moz: 4.92

Facebook (@BodyBreak): 4,197 likes

Twitter (@bodybreak): 39.8k followers

Robby Robinson

Robby Robinson (a.k.a. The Black Prince, Mr. Lifestyle) is old-school bodybuilding through and through.  He was the first ever Masters Mr. Olympia, the first black man featured on muscle magazines, and the first pro bodybuilder to be in competition shape into his 60s and 70s. He has certainly made his name known and even into his older years, he doesn’t quit. He now helps others achieve their goals through consultation, masterclasses, programs, and content.

Moz: 5.01

Facebook (@RobbyRobinson.TheBlackPrince): 318.2k likes

Twitter (@RobbyRobinson1): 8.988 followers


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