Everyday Acts of Kindness

Everyday Acts of Kindness


I would like to give a big shout out to Dr. Peter Lykos!

I’ve been running into Peter at the gym for a good 15 years. First at Extreme Fitness, now Goodlife on Yonge Street in Richmond Hill,  and then at LA Fitness in Vaughan. I always knew he was a really nice guy, but today he reinforced that.

I was in a rush today and forgot my gym pants. After letting out a quick expletive, Peter asked me what’s up. I told him what had happened and without hesitation, he offered me his gym pants. Little did he know it was leg day 🙂


I took him up on his offer and had a great workout, all thanks to Pete!

Not a huge deal but, in my mind, it is these little acts of kindness that have a big impact on the world we live in. There is a lot of negativity in our media and our society, but there are also a lot of good people. Dr. Peter Lykos is one of them and I’ve heard he is a very good dentist as well.

He more than deserves the free plug so give him a quick shout if you need a terrific dentist or an extra pair of pants!


Dentistry on Yonge

9184 Yonge St, Unit 12

Richmond Hill, ON L4C 7A1


Email dentistryyonge@gmail.com

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