How To Unblock Your Nose

How To Unblock Your Nose

Patrick McKeown, author of  the best selling book The Oxygen Advantage shares a very quick and effective technique to unblock your nose. How quick? It takes less than two minutes!


  1. Block one nostril and breathe through your nose. Then block the other nostril and breathe through your nose.
  2. Small breath in through your nose and small breath out through your nose.
  3. Pinch your nose and hold your breath.
  4. Sway your head side to side while holding your breath.
  5. When it gets tough, let go of your nose take a breath but only breathe through your nose.
  6. Wait a minute and repeat.

McKeown stresses to not try this technique if:

  1. You are pregnant
  2. Have high blood pressure or have any serious health issues

Full technique – see video here:

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Nose breathing is a more effective way to breathe. Chris Grotefend highlights six reasons to focus on nose breathing versus mouth breathing.

  1. Hydration– When we take in oxygen through the nose, our nasal passages add humidity to the air we breathe, optimizing the way our lungs work.
  2. Filtration– Inhaling through the nose utilizes the hairs in the nose to filter the air before it reaches the lungs, keeping the bad stuff out.
  3. Circulation -The circular nature of the way our nose is built creates a spiraling effect as air enters the lungs, optimizing the amount of surface area the oxygen reaches in the base of the lungs.
  4. Thermo-regulation– By the time the air reaches the lungs it has been warmed, further optimizing the oxygen extraction abilities of the lungs.
  5. Nerve stimulation– When air passes by the olfactory nerve in the nose it enhances memory and nourishes our brain.
  6. Parasympathetic tone– The physical effect of deep diaphragmatic nasal breathing tickles the vagus nerve in the base of the lungs, creating a calming effect throughout our nervous system. This is the reason that the exhale of the breath utilizing the abdominal muscles is so important.

Lorne’s Take – As a former mouth breather, I am a huge fan of Patrick McKeown and The Oxygen Advantage. Local fitness guru Alex Nurse introduced me to the Buteyko Breathing techniques recommended in this book and I haven’t turned back.

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Lorne Marr

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