Barry Choi – Media Personality and Globe and Mail Columnist

Barry Choi – Media Personality and Globe and Mail Columnist
  1. How did you get started as a Personal Finance and Travel Blogger/Expert?

“I had always been interested in personal finance and followed the few bloggers there were a decade ago. After a few guest posts, I decided to start my own blog, as it was something I was passionate about. To make myself stand out, I focused on saving money on travel. I originally focused on writing about travelling for as cheap as possible. However, as I got older and earned more income, I switched my focus to teaching how to stretch their travel dollars. Because I used to work in television, I knew what producers and editors were looking for, so it was easy for me to get featured in print and on TV. After doing so many appearances, I became an expert.”

  1. What do you like best about your job?

“These days, I really enjoy educating people about credit cards and saving money on travel. Because of recent Google algorithm updates, many resources at the top of searches aren’t the best. You’ll often find articles that match keywords, but don’t provide practical advice. I like to give real-life examples of how they can save. Whether that be using loyalty points or travelling during the low seasons, I love hearing stories from people who have taken trips they never thought possible.”

  1. What are your top three travel tips?

i) Use loyalty points and credit cards to your advantage. I personally collect Aeroplan and Marriott Bonvoy points via my credit cards. As a result, I’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars on travel.
ii) Don’t go where everyone else is going. If everyone is talking about the same destination, the odds are it’s no longer a hidden gem or cheap. By heading in the opposite direction, you can often find unique experiences instead of paying a fortune. For example, Belize is much more affordable than Costa Rica.
iii) Always have travel insurance. Having travel medical and extended insurance, such as trip delay and lost luggage, is essential. So many things can go wrong when you’re abroad, so having an insurance policy in place gives you an added layer of protection.

Barry Choi
Media Personality and The Globe and Mail Columnist, Barry Choi shared how got started as Personal Finance and Travel Blogger. He also explained what he likes best about his job and provided his top three travel tips. Great point on Travel Insurance Barry!

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