Jake Karls and Mid-Day Squares

Jake Karls and Mid-Day Squares
  1. What was the inspiration behind Mid-Day Squares?  “Jake credits much of the inspiration to his sister Lezlie, she was trying to create a healthy chocolate solution for her husband Nick.  They parlayed their love for food, with what they viewed as a ‘white space’ for healthy and nutritious chocolate bar concoctions. Jake, a highly outgoing and passionate entrepreneur quickly teamed up with the duo to form an unconventional but highly successful trio. He describes his company as a ‘new-age chocolate company’ kind of what Hershey’s would look like if it started out today.”

  2. What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?  “I get to myself unapologetically every day. It allows me to spread my wings.  One of the challenges with the world we live in is that people follow the herd mentality. They are a certain person for the sake of being a certain person, rather than being themselves.  You make your own rules as an entrepreneur if you are a good person and you are true to yourself, you’re going to give yourself a great chance of winning at life.”

  3. What is some advice you would give young entrepreneurs? 
    “Block out all the noise. Distractions and distractors will always be out there. Be yourself every day because that is how you win. When you try and be someone else or compare yourself to other people that’s how you get off your game.  Make decisions that you trust and that you really believe in.  No one can be you – They can copy your product, but they can’t copy you.”


Jake Karls
"You gotta taste these!" was the quote from my youngest daughter about the wildly popular Mid-day Squares. The goal of the three founders Jake KarlsLezlie Karls and Nick Saltarelli was to turn the candy bar industry on its ears by creating a new-age chocolate bar for health-minded individuals. The good news for them and the bad for their competitors is they are doing just that. It was great getting to chat with Jake and here company's journey and his advice to other entrepreneurs.

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