Inspiring Life Insurance quotes: Madison Bongard

Inspiring Life Insurance quotes: Madison Bongard

My introduction to the world of insurance started by my father the day I was born. It didn’t take me long to understand the importance of proper planning. Whether it’s high net worth estate planning or ensuring there is food on the table for your loved ones when you are gone, insurance is critical in both scenarios.

“Life insurance is the most unselfish purchase a person can make”. This phrase is common in our industry, I agree but there is also a value to the insured. Beyond saving on corporate tax and continuing to grow your businesses, living your life without the stress of uncertainty for your family’s future and knowing your legacy and life of hard work will be passed on is priceless. Coming from a tight-knit nuclear family myself, there is no better feeling than knowing my day-to-day consists of helping people protect the ones they love. As much as I wish I never had to drop off benefit cheques to beneficiaries, the looks of relief on peoples faces when I do are images I’ll never forget and the reason I continue in this profession.

madison bongard

Madison graduated from the University of Western Ontario and hails from a family of insurance advisors, fostering her lifelong interest in the insurance industry. Exposure to this field from a young age underscored the significance of life insurance and financial security for Madison. Consequently, she is committed to imparting this philosophy to her clients.

Recognized for her diligence and ambition, Madison recognizes her role as a financial advisor is to assist clients by identifying tailored solutions for their individual needs. Her guiding principle is to treat each client with the same care and consideration as family.

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