Inspiring Life Insurance quotes: Sébastien Dupuis

Inspiring Life Insurance quotes: Sébastien Dupuis

“The power of life insurance lies not just in its ability to provide financial security, but in the peace of mind it gives to families. As a 120-year-old company, it is a testament to our commitment to safeguarding futures and nurturing dreams. With each policy, we empower individuals to face life’s uncertainties with resilience, and ensuring that the legacy of love and protection live through for generations to come. The power of life insurance gives us the ability to tell our clients that we are, and will be, by their side.”


Sébastien Dupuis first joined Assumption Life in 2001 as a financial analyst, a position he held until October 2005 when he was promoted to Director of Finance. He then rose to the ranks of Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer in 2015 to become President and CEO of Assumption Life.

As CEO, Sébastien Dupuis has always been committed to working on transforming the organizational culture at Assumption Life. As a result of its internal efforts, the company won the Merit Award and the Transformation Award, presented by the international firm Human Synergistics. These awards recognize the value of quality over quantity, that creativity is worth more than conformity and that collaboration leads to better results: values that Sébastien holds dear.

His thoroughness, analytical skills and exemplary leadership make him a respected colleague and leader among his peers. He has been recognized as one of the top 50 CEOs in 2023 by Atlantic Business Magazine. In addition, on two occasions, in 2005 and 2011, he won the Manager of the Year Award during the Assumption Life Awards of Excellence.

His leadership and collaboration skills have enabled Assumption Life to distinguish itself through its customer service and its distinctive product line. With a focus on trusting relationships with its partners, the mutual company has simplified its processes with comprehensive solutions.

Open and committed, Sébastien gives back to the community with enthusiasm, as he never forgets Assumption Life’s deep community roots. Driven by a deep desire to make a difference, Sébastien has been involved in numerous regional and provincial socio-economic activities since the beginning of his career. He currently chairs the board of directors of the Fondation CHU Dumont after having served as vice-president and treasurer. He also sits on numerous boards of directors of organizations.

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