Top 10 MCT Oils Products

Top 10 MCT Oils Products


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People are talking about MCT oils and keto oils everywhere these days. If you google MCT, you’ll get MCT oils lists, MCT oil on Amazon, and MCT reviews. They sound like a miracle supplement that will help shed all the excess weight, give you amazing amounts of energy and increase your IQ all while being safe and natural with very few MCT oil side effects. They sound amazing!

But, what are MCT oils and do they really do all of that?

MCT, or medium-chain triglycerides, oils are usually derived from palm kernel oil or coconut oil. LCT, or long-chain triglycerides, oils are the oils we usually ingest in our everyday diets.

There are four kinds of MCT oils: caproic acid (C6), caprylic acid (C8), capric acid (C10), and lauric acid (C12). Most MCT oil products will include the C number on their label so you know what type of oil they contain. C8 oils are highly ketogenic.

There are quite a few MCT oil benefits and very few MCT oil side effects. MCT oils are easily digested and absorbed by our bodies. They help our bodies make ketones, which power our brains. Ingesting MCT oils instead of LCT oils can enable our bodies to burn fat faster and help us feel fuller for longer, resulting in weight-loss. More great MCT oil benefits are that they also help our brains stay more alert and keep us from feeling sluggish.

You may feel some negative side-effects from MCT oils. Nausea, headaches, and irritability are the main complaints, but most people find these go away with time.

So yes, MCT oils do help with weight loss, energy and brain function – but you they won’t turn you into a superhero. They do, however, help your body to function at a higher level.

MCT oils are available in powder, liquid and pill forms. People tend to add MCT oil powder to smoothies, the liquid oils to coffee and salad dressing, or take the pills on their own.

The Best MCT Oils

There are so many different brands of MCT oils on the market and many MCT oils lists to sort through. It is hard to figure out which ones are the best MCT oils, especially with so many conflicting MCT oil reviews out there. When you’re shopping for the top MCT oil on Amazon, look for ones that are labelled “hexane-free.” Hexane is a chemical used in the processing of some oils and it can be toxic. If you’re choosing a coconut oil MCT product, make sure it is labelled “cold-pressed” for the best quality.

Use unflavored MCT oils to ensure you are getting the purest oils. Avoid artificial flavors and added sweeteners. Also look for MCT oils that are certified USDA organic or non-GMO.

Check out our MCT oils list to help get you started.

MCT Oil Reviews

1) Elinella Naturals – MCT Oil:

This blend of MCT oils is made in the United States, vegan, certified cruelty-free and is non-GMO. Elinella Naturals has their products 3rd party tested for increased safety and product quality.

Amazon: 4.8 stars with 1,832 ratings

5 star Amazon review: “This is food grade MCT oil that works well for cooking and DIY apothecary purposes. It is a very light and clean tasting oil with a nice coconut flavor. Works perfectly for salad dressings and in smoothies.”

1 star Amazon review: “I was pleasantly surprised; it had absolutely no flavor at all. That was my biggest worry, because I cannot stand coconut. It really has no flavor. Unfortunately, there was no benefit in taking it. There is no difference at all, so I will not waste my money and buy more.”

2) Natural Force Store – Organic MCT Oil

Natural Force Store’s organic MCT oil is made of cold-pressed coconut oil and packaged in a recyclable glass bottle. It has 14 grams of C8, C10 and C12 MCT oils to make it a full-spectrum product.

Amazon: 4.7 stars with 287 ratings

5 star Amazon review: “I am committed to a ketogenic lifestyle and I have tried other MCT oils & just could not process them. I don’t refrigerate this, so it pours into my blender or tea. Very happy with this product & REALLY good that this is in a glass vs a plastic container – much healthier storage option.”

1 star Amazon review: “I’ve used MCT oil in the past but wanted to get an organic version. However, I had a bad reaction. Never before has this happened. I got major headaches. I tried it four times. The last one was a huge migraine. I can’t remember the last time I had a migraine. In addition, my eyes burned and swelled. I returned it and will not be buying again.”

3) Bulletproof – Brain Octane Oil

Bulletproof’s MCT Oil is extracted from 100% pure coconut oil and then tripled distilled using water, heat and pressure. This oil produces 4x the ketone energy of plain coconut oil.

Amazon: 4.8 stars with 192 ratings

5 star Amazon review: “We are getting older, and this is a product that we believe in as part of our dietary needs on our keto lifestyle! With memory issues encroaching, it is nice to have something that is both keto friendly and good for our brains! We will continue to use this as part of our dietary and health needs! I highly recommend this product as a great food source for the brain!”

1 star Amazon review: “With just a teaspoon my stomach was upset for the entire day. I decided it must have been something else I ate so I tried it two more times with the same result. I ordered three bottles, opened one, and the others are not returnable. It was a significant waste of time and money. Plus, I was really disappointed because I had read about the positive benefits.”

4) Bulletproof – Brain Octane Oil Go Packs

Bulletproof’s Brain Octane Oil Go Packs is the same great product as the Brain Octane Oil, but packaged in single-serving, travel-friendly sleeves.

Amazon: 4.6 stars with 796 ratings

5 star Amazon review: “What do I like about the brand Bulletproof? Answer: EVERYTHING. I am a biohacker (thanks to Dave Asprey) and I use all of his products. I especially love these BOO (brain octane oil) packets because I’m constantly on the go. I can take them with me anywhere! There’s no other MCT oil brand I’d rather use. I also have a mini travel frother that works perfectly to blend the BOO into my coffee. You will be 100% satisfied with your purchase!”

1 star Amazon review: “Gross! Odd aftertaste and didn’t blend at all with my coffee. Also really messy to open, which defeats the purpose of the single serve grab & go packaging. They ooze everywhere! I ended up throwing them away.”

5) Verdana – Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil

Verdana’s Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil is 100% organic and derived from coconuts. It is non-GMO, Kosher certified and does not contain any palm oil.

Amazon: 4.8 stars with 154 ratings

5 star Amazon review: “I am all about the quality of a product, and the value of the product for the price paid. This is a great value, and I will purchase again.”

1 star Amazon review: “Product says USDA rated organic and made in the USA. They neglected to state that the ingredients were from several other countries and therefore no evidence that it is truly ORGANIC. I do not trust it as dietary addition. Seems OK for hair conditioning.”

6) Nature’s Way – MCT Oil

Nature’s Way MCT Oil comes in 18 single serving packets that each contain 14 grams of coconut-derived MCT oil.

Amazon: 4.8 stars with 86 ratings

5 star Amazon review: “So convenient to keep in your purse when needed or to take when traveling”

3 star Amazon review: “It has great features, just gave me a massive migraine every time I used it but for those who used MCT oils before it is amazing for traveling or even using in Starbucks coffee or coffees outside your home”

7) Sports Research – MCT Oil

Sports Research MCT Oil is found on every MCT oil list out there. It is 100% derived from coconut and includes the full spectrum of MCT oils, including lauric acid.

Amazon: 4.7 stars with 12,988 ratings

5 star Amazon review: “Okay, so technically there’s no flavor to it, but it definitely makes a difference in my household’s daily routine. The MCT oil goes a long way in helping curb cravings and hungers, and likewise. I’ve personally been able to drop 65 lbs in the course of three months with the utilization of MCT and a ketogenic diet.”

1 star Amazon review: “My husband I both were trying this product. We both ended up with “digestive issues.” I wasn’t sure if this was making us sick, so we stopped using it for a few days then tried again and the stomach cramps and diarrhea came back. I won’t be ordering this again and don’t recommend to others.”

8) Garden of Life – MCT Oil

Garden of Life’s 100% organic coconut MCT oil contains no fillers and is hexane-free. Each serving contains 13 grams of MCTs.

Amazon: 4.7 stars with 1,670 ratings

5 star Amazon review: “Love this MCT oil. I make my special coffee with it every morning. It keeps me focused and full. Very satisfied and this is my second bottle to buy. No taste or smell, clears my brain fog fast! Whip it in your coffee with cream and sprinkle with cinnamon. YUM!”

1 star Amazon review: “This product [gave me] gastritis so bad I thought I was having a heart attack.”

9) Sports Research – Coconut Softgels

Sports Research’s Coconut Softgels are similar to their liquid oil product except packed into easy-to-swallow softgels.

Amazon: 4.6 stars with 1,605 ratings

5 star amazon review: “I have taken several brands of coconut oils capsules but, these seemed smaller and they were easy to take. With the other brands I tried, I had to take more than four a day to see any results and I have to say that I just take the recommended 4 and feel the results as if I were taking 8 of the previous brands. I loved the design of the bottle and lid for dispensing, it’s unique!”

1 star Amazon review: “These organic coconut oil capsules don’t seem to work any better than placebo. My family members and I don’t really feel a difference after taking them. So, for sure, we don’t be purchasing them again.”

10) BioSchwartz – Organic Coconut Oil Softgels

BioSchwartz’ Organic Coconut Oil Softgels are made from 100% cold-pressed coconut oil and in a solvent-free environment.

Amazon 4.7 stars with 1,500 ratings

5 star Amazon review: “This product is very good… better than taking a spoon of coconut oil every morning.  I would rather take a pill. I noticed after using this product I was able to maintain my weight and I started to sleep better. I normally take one in the morning and at night. Furthermore, I feel it has helped in my training routine. I would recommend this product to anyone that would like to try the effects of coconut oil.”

1 star Amazon review: “I’ve had good luck with Bio Swartz, but not with these. Made my stomach feel weird and I got hot and felt really fatigued everything I took them.
Bummer to spend the money and have something not work “

Whichever MCT oil you choose, make sure you are purchasing high-quality, cold-pressed oils that are from a reputable company. Take your time to browse MCT oil lists like this one and balance the pros and cons of each.

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