“The Tabule Family of Restaurants is made up of 4 uniquely designed venues specializing in Middle Eastern Cuisine: Tabule Midtown, Tabule Riverside, Tabule Bayview and the fast-casual Souk Tabule.

The first restaurant founded in 2005 by Chef Rony Goraichy and Diana Sideris located in Midtown on Yonge Street, quickly earned its place among the finest Middle Eastern restaurants in Toronto and its popularity rose from there.

2012 saw the launch of Tabule Riverside featuring hip, exotic cocktails and many of the much-loved menu items from the original restaurant, like Chef Rony’s famous Falafels, Fattüish Salad and of course their award-winning house-made hummus.

In 2016 Souk Tabule, a fast-casual venue became an instant hit in the Canary District followed in 2017 by the newest Bayview Village Shop location.”

What is the origin of Tabülè restaurants?

Tabülè was founded in 2006 by my husband Rony and myself.  Rony is from Beirut and is the chef.  I run the front of the house.  We were one of the first to offer Middle-Eastern food with a more elevated setting, service, and menu. We listened to our customers and started expanding our menu in order to offer more vegan and gluten-free dishes as we grew. We now have 4 locations and a loyal fan base.

What’s your favourite item on the Tabülè menu?

Tough question! My go-to clean eating is hummus, tawuk dinner with a salad.  Hallum salad and labneh are a favourite and my most delicious cheat is our cauliflower with taheena and fried eggplant. At our Souk Tabülè location, I am in love with our muhammara dip that I can literally eat with a spoon! (Haha. I guess I have many favs.)

What’s something your customers may not know about Tabülè? 

We make almost everything from scratch, butcher our own meat, grind our own ground meat, make our own dressings, etc. This has been happening since we opened.  This is not a trend – it’s what we believe in.  I should also mention, Tabülè was almost called Leila’s bistro!

What do enjoy most about working at one of Toronto’s favourite and healthiest restaurants? 

The people! I love our customers and our staff. Nothing makes me happier than having a customer walk up to me and tell me how much they love dining with us or staff telling me how much they enjoy working with us.  The great food helps a lot too!  It has been 13 years and I really can and do eat at one of our locations almost every day and love it.

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